Blois town

A nice and peaceful town, it was a nice weather too!

I can still remember there were a few cars sounding off their horns throughout their way and then I realised that there was a wedding going on, haha! Never thought that they do have common culture with us, Malaysian chinese.

 DSC_3232DSC_3259 DSC_3234 DSC_3235 DSC_3239 DSC_3244 DSC_3245 DSC_3251 DSC_3252 DSC_3254

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Château de Chenonceau

This is not the palace, I just wanted to show another picture of Louis Vuitton’s shop that I’ve taken , haha…



Before we reach the palace…


This was the restaurant that we had our lunch at…


And now, the palace! but part of it was under renovation, too bad…





The guard’s house I guess


The palace without the renovation site

DSC_3182 DSC_3185 DSC_3190 DSC_3195 DSC_3196 DSC_3199

The pots and pans that they used in those days


The beds



DSC_3214 DSC_3216


The restaurant that we had our lunch


My lunch


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I’m back at home!

Helo, readers! (if there are still some…) Sorry for not making updates here for so long. The second half of the trip was quite tiring and I couldn’t find a single strength to blog, or rather just lazy, haha… Anyway, I’m now back at my home, Kuala Lumpur! woohoo! Finally can get some good rest and taste the foods here, especially home cooked food! So, now I’ll try my best to do the rest of the updates but I can’t guarantee it, as you know, I’m at home! I should be slacking here!

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I’m in Switzerland!

Hi guys! I’m now in Lucerne and will be leaving for Interlaken. Might have problem online these few days because the hostel never provide free internet access and now I’m just tapping the wifi from neighborhood and thanks to whoever they are, haha!

Have been really trying hard to upload my photos as many as I can, but still lagging behind a lot, so sorry, I really wanted to show you guys how’s the place that I’m at in real time but I’m just too lazy, argh!!

So, if you see me online or updates here, means that I’m able to online.

See ya…

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Cathedrale de Reims and Champagne Vineyard

DSC_3083 DSC_3084 DSC_3087 DSC_3090 DSC_3092 DSC_3103DSC_3095  DSC_3111 DSC_3112 DSC_3117


Our lunch at a restaurant. With red and white wine!



The Champagne Vineyard and its museum

DSC_3131 DSC_3134v


DSC_3146 DSC_3147 DSC_3152

Champagne testing session!




ps: leaving for Switzerland tml! yea!

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Château de Vincennes and La Défense

There were nothing much in the castle and it was past their operating time, so we didn’t get into their museum. So, we jus walked around and in the compound of this castle.

 DSC_3058 DSC_3060 DSC_3063 DSC_3066 DSC_3070 DSC_3072 DSC_3073

La Défense is one of the major business district in Paris

DSC_3075 DSC_3076 DSC_3082DSC_3077


La Grande Arche


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Eiffel Tower at night

Eiffel tower of the early evening


With the spot light at the top


Spot light pointing at 12 o’clock


And the best scene ever! The light show of a lot of lights sparkling around the tower. It happens for only 5 minutes every hour from 10pm till 1am.


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Arc de Triomphe and Grande Armée Avenue


The Arc de Triomphe in the evening…



In the underpass under the Arc de Triomphe



The street nearby, Grande Armée Avenue



Lamborghini!!! My dream and my favourite!!!


Argh!!!! Too bad the gallery was already closed…


The street was really quiet because in Paris they close their shops very early


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Champs-Élysées Avenue is the street in Paris where all the famous branded shops gather. This is the place where you can get cheaper French branded stuff compared to getting from foreign countries.

The start of the Champs-Élysées street…


The Grand Palais just before the Champs-Élysées street


First branded shop that we saw, Adidas. It’s big inside and it has 2 storeys


They claim that this is the cleanest toilet down town? who knows…


There was a Citroën show room too.

DSC_2988 DSC_2989

Some other branded shops…

DSC_2993 DSC_2996 DSC_3000 DSC_3002

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Jardin des Tuileries

Jardin des Tuileries is the garden just outside Louvre Museum. It wasn’t big and nothing much special but we just paid a visit their since we were at the Louvre.


The main entrance


Some statue at the entrance


The garden









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