Sitting to Standing Wheelchair

This is actually a project of one of my course’s subject and we are supposed to design a wheelchair which can transition a disabled person from sitting position to standing position. This is not a new concept, in fact, it has been in the market for years but yet we have to finish this project and come out with a wheelchair.

So my group consists of 4 persons including me and it’s considered a ‘international’ group. Why? Because this group is made up of Malaysian(me), Indonesian, Singaporean and American exchange student. Which I think that it’s good since I have a chance to work with different kind of people rather than working own friends.Luckily there was no lazy people is this group and we are happy working with each other.

The job distribution was like I do all the 3d modeling and they do all the report writing plus calculations. It’s quite ok for me since I hate writing reports and doing mundane calculations so 3d modeling sounds more interesting to me.

So, I started with building rough structure of the whole wheelchair and that actually took me only a couple of days with less than 4 hours each day. But when come to refinement, adjustment, adding more components and beautifying my wheelchair, it took me way longer time. I spent 4 days at the CAD/CAM lab (which is computer lab for graphic works), working for more than 5 hours per day, sometimes I can even be in the lab for 9 hours! Everyday leaving the lab not earlier than 1030pm and there was once at 12am. Lastly, luckily I finished with my 3d model after those 4 days. (In these 4 days, I found that the computers in the lab are using workstation graphic cards! Which are way more expensive and powerful than the best gaming graphic cards and it’s meant for engineers to use for designing. It was nVidia Quadro fx 4000 series in the lab’s computers and it costs more than s$3000! Usually, I don’t care much about graphic cards since I’m not any gamer but after these four days, I think I might buy these kind of graphic cards in the future for 3d modeling or gaming when I can afford it.)

We actually submitted the whole report yesterday. Yay! Another project finished! It’s time to prepare for my final exam. But then I have one more project left, one more quiz and one more small test which is on tomorrow.



Pictures above are actually showing the same thing, it’s just that the pictures were got from different version of the 3d modeling software (solidworks)

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