Parks in Paris and others

Phew~ At last a day without any visit to anywhere or any activities after classes, had a nice afternoon nap, yea! Have been lacking of sleep since day 1 but it was fun!

Not going out anywhere by ourselves this week, it’s the week for resting and study!

Now I’m going to update some visits we did a few days ago.


The entrée of the park.



This is how some of the public toilets in Paris looks like, it’s automatic.



View of the park


A wedding was going on in the park


Don’t know the name of this fruit

DSC_2671 DSC_2673 DSC_2685

The waterfall


The little river




They have 1 euro shop here!


The Science Centre in Paris, we didn’t go in because we had to pay for the entrance and by the time we reached there, half day was gone. So, we just got to visit places around the science centre.

 DSC_2696 DSC_2698



The underpass of interchange station


One of the Metro station




Crowds watching some performance





A performer just beside the street.



Luxembourg Park in Paris (it’s not in Luxembourg, don’t get it wrong)

DSC_2723 DSC_2727 DSC_2728 DSC_2732 DSC_2738 DSC_2740 DSC_2741




The Panthéon, we didn’t get to go into this because it’s already late and it was closed. We just went around it.

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  1. wee ann
    Posted July 2, 2009 at 12:42 pm | Permalink

    wow…..very nice shooting! all pictures are very good! however, the pic of a child cycling in the park, the waterfall and the pic u took in Luxembourg park….are the pictures tat i like the most! haha…. ^v*

  2. Posted July 6, 2009 at 3:37 am | Permalink

    haha! thanks ar!!
    Actually I’ve took a lot more pictures than what I’m posting here, juz that not very nice… but if got chance can let u see the complete photos…haha

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