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Me in Paris!

Pictures of myself which I got from my friends… The first day at the canteen We had a little room party, yea! Group of students from America, HK, India and Malaysia   Outside Eiffel tower In the Eiffel tower       Champagne testing at Champagne vineyard Visit of a castle

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Parks in Paris and others

Phew~ At last a day without any visit to anywhere or any activities after classes, had a nice afternoon nap, yea! Have been lacking of sleep since day 1 but it was fun! Not going out anywhere by ourselves this week, it’s the week for resting and study! Now I’m going to update some visits [...]

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Trip to Paris! again…

It’s the Eiffel Tower! La Tour Eiffel (in french)     We are boarding a boat that will be going along the Seine River and we’ll be seeing a lot of Parisien’s landmark from the boat.     Some random street view near to the quay that we boarded the boat.   In front of [...]

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At Telecom & Management Sudparis, Evry

And here we’ve reached our summer school, Telecom & Management Sudparis, formerly known as INT. Our canteen in the middle of this picture. My room! My room too! My bathroom! A peek of view outside my window One of our meal The gang of NTU students and one from MMU plus one from HKU One [...]

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Flight from Colombo to Paris and first day in Paris

my breakfast, this time it’s in european style The Alps taken from the plane high above The public bus that we took from the airport to Gare du Nord, first public transport we used in france. Gare du Nord, the railway station Sitting in a row facing the same direction is a common outdoor seating [...]

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The longest flight in my life, so far…

After a long hour flight of a least 15 hours plus 8 hours of transit stop at Colombo, Sri Lanka… we are finally at Paris! I was having hard time dealing with jet lag during the stop in Colombo and the long flight in the plane, but yeah, I’m sort of getting used to Paris’s [...]

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The Begin of Journey to France!

Yea, it’s my blog update now after a looong time since my previous update. Haha. But nevermind, from now onwards, I’ll try my best to update you readers about my journey in Europe as frequent as possible. For your brief info about what’s happening here… Basically, I’ll be going to France for a short course [...]

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