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    Gosh! I love Starbucks!

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Some photos again

saw a colourful building when we were on our way to Funan/Dynasty travel hub had our lunch at Foodjunction food court the spout beside my sink… as you can see, it has been darn long since our toilet was cleaned, until like this.  -_-   ps: argh! still don’t know how to get good composition, [...]

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First photo in public

After finished reading manual book and a few days of playing around with my ‘new’ D40. Now, I present my very first experimental shooting to be shown in public. tadaaa!!! just testing testing…

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My very own DSLR!!!

                  Woohoo!!! Damn excited!!! got myself Nikon D40!!! Although it’s just a secondhand dslr and the cheapest model but it’s good enough for a newbie like me! Bought from a NTU student for s$550, includes standard accessories, an extra batt and a bag, no visible scratches and [...]

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I did something good

                        See this Nokia pda phone? I found it on a seat of the bus yesterday morning when I was on the way to my work. Initially, I was hesitating whether to get this phone and find its owner but someone called the phone [...]

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Wala Wala

Went to Wala Wala at Holland V this Friday with coursemates, thinking of relieving stress for the whole working period so far. FYI, it’s a pub with live band. So, we reached Holland V at around 745pm and had dinner at some hawker centre, cant afford to have dinner at Wala Wala or some other [...]

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