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EOS logo design competition

Last Sunday, I’ve submitted a logo design for a competition. It’s for the Earth Observatory of Singapore which is currently situated in NTU campus. So, this competition is open for all NTU students to design a new logo for them. The reason I joined this competition is because of the PRIZE!!! Just trying my luck, [...]

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Sitting to Standing Wheelchair

This is actually a project of one of my course’s subject and we are supposed to design a wheelchair which can transition a disabled person from sitting position to standing position. This is not a new concept, in fact, it has been in the market for years but yet we have to finish this project [...]

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First post of this blog

Yet, again, I started another new blog. I’m not a blog writer or someone who writes blog often, in fact, I don’t care about writing any blog. I had been trying to write blogs before, but all ended up stopping halfway then abandoned. However, I wanted to reserve my domain name – ‘’, which is [...]

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