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My 2010 Birthday with Dear Princess!

Wow! What a birthday I had this year, surprises planned and feel pampered, thanks to my dear princess! First of all, I have got my birthday present even before Christmas! haha! Initially, she was trying to look for the Everlast shoes which we saw in JB but can’t find that particular design in a few [...]

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Harpee 15th-Month Anniversary!

Pour mon Dear Baby Princess, This is the very first all-about-you blog that i have written so far. I know you have been wanted my to write about you in my blog and even given up on wishing for that, so sorry dear, I just lost interest in writing blog and lousy at expressing myself. [...]

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Cathédrale Notre Dame

Hey all, sorry for not updating here since ages ago… Have been busy and lazy around, haha. Now, here’s some more of the pictures from Paris.       Next coming few posts will be on other european countries but France, yeah!

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Musée d’Orsay

  The Opera House (featured in ‘phantom of the opera’)

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Hôtel des Invalides

    The Napolean’s tomb, but I doubt that there’s anything inside.   Cannons of those days

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Tour Montparnasse

Its simple architecture, gigantic proportions and monolithic appearance have been often criticised for being out of place in Paris’s urban landscape and, as a result, two years after its completion, the construction of skyscrapers in the city centre was banned. It is sometimes said, only half-jokingly, that the view from the top is the most [...]

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The Normandy beach, full of world war history which you can’t imagine that it was when you are there. The cemetery of the American soldiers The beach at St Malo!! I love it the most!!! Oh yea! My name on the beach! (I wrote it la…) A bunch of crazy Hong Kies trying to do [...]

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Château de Versailles

The enormous garden of Versailles palace!!! We had our picnic here, specially prepared by our school, haha!   And now….. inside the palace…

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Disneyland Paris

I guess there might be a few of you who didn’t realise that there’s actually a Disneyland in Paris? I’ve been there before when I was in Paris, but I just went to the Disneyland Village which the admission fee wasn’t required instead of the Disneyland Themepark. However, there are still a lot of souvenir [...]

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